Why Heart Shaped Snacking Stations Are the Perfect Addition to Your Home

Why Heart Shaped Snacking Stations Are the Perfect Addition to Your Home

What is a heart snacking station?

Heart Shaped Snacking Station

My heart shaped snacking stations are a perfect addition to your home all year round. The gorgeous heart shaped cones are made of porcelain and are great for holding your favourite seasonal snacks and goodies. 
Each set contains six heart shaped cones, held by a beautiful bamboo holder with heart shaped handles on each side - perfect for moving around the house!
The removable cones make for an easy refill of your sweeties, chocolates or any other treats you’re putting out for your party (or just for yourself!).

How can heart shaped snacking stations be used?

Heart shaped snacking stations can be used for so many brilliant things. If you’re having a Halloween or Christmas party, then get your seasonal snacks in these gorgeous cones! You could use them for a pamper night with the girls or even for after school snacks for the kids.
Some other ideas could be: 
Movie nights
Baby showers
Tea, coffee and sugar holders
Cheese and cracker boards
Breakfast, such as pancake toppings
Fruit platters
Herbs, spices and plants
Basically, the possibilities are endless! You might even end up using them to hold keys or other important bits and bobs. 

Stacey Solomon herself

Not only are they a fabulous addition to your home decor, a certain TV personality absolutely loves them! Yep, Stacey Solomon herself raves to her 5.4 million Instagram followers about heart snacking stations and how she uses them. 
Not only that, but I’ve seen a lot of other people jumping on the snacking station bandwagon at the moment too (I can’t blame them!), it’s definitely becoming a bit of a trend. 

What are heart shaped snacking stations made of?

The cones of my heart shaped snacking stations are hand made from a gorgeous glossy porcelain, and since they’re hand made, it means that no two hearts are exactly the same - I just love how unique they each can be! 
Made of bamboo, the wooden cone holder is set up to be displayed and looked at from the front, and the heart shaped holes are slightly bigger than the cones, allowing for easy movement for a quick fill up of your favourite foods.
Better yet, the oak colour can be easily painted over to match the aesthetic and theme of your home decor. 

What can you style them with?

These fabulous stations can be styled with all your favourite seasonal decorations, but I think my heart shaped snacking stations are best styled with a gonk! 

Heart Shaped Snacking Station with a Halloween Gonk

Whether it’s for Christmas or Halloween my themed gonks are the cutest addition to spruce up your snacking station. For more about gonks, check out my previous blog here. 

Fancy adding a heart shaped snacking stations to your decor? 

If you love these just as much as I do and want to spice up your home this winter, then click here to purchase your very own!

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