Why You Need A Gonk In Your Halloween Decorations

Why You Need A Gonk In Your Halloween Decorations

The Need For Halloween Decorations

Halloween season will soon be upon us and you've arrived at the right place to browse many fabulous Halloween decorations. We have everything you need from Pumpkins to door wreaths to Gonks. Simply browse the Halloween section coming soon to our website.

A Little History About Gonks?

Gonks did not originate in the UK, and in fact they did not begin life as a Christmas decoration. The reason they look like gnomes is because, in a sense, they are! Gonks stem from Scandinavian and Nordic mythology. They are said to protect the home and give you good luck. Knowing how fabulous the Scandinavians are at making a home warm, peaceful and welcoming, it's no surprise that this philosophy finds its way into their ancient folklore.

The Queen of Halloween Stacey Solomon 

Stacey Solomon loves sharing her home decor ideas with her 5.3 million followers on Instagram. She loves an opportunity to dress her home for seasonal celebrations. The Loose Woman's host Stacey Solomon is gonk mad and her followers have joined in the trend, decorating not only the inside with these cute Halloween decorations but also creating amazing front door and porch displays.Click here to view Stacey Solomon's fabulous Halloween door display.

What to do with them!

Add these cute accessories to your Halloween displays. Our Halloween Gonk has the most wonderful long orange hat covered in little bats and matching orange hands. Use to create a Halloween table scape and add them to your table centerpieces. Pop them around your home on a sideboard or bookcase to add that seasonal vibe.

Use alongside our Heart Snacking Station

This cute Halloween gonk can sit alongside our famous Heart Snacking Station to create that perfect Halloween party set up. Pop some Halloween themed sweets into the ceramic hearts for a fabulous Halloween party vibe. If you haven't seen our Heart Snacking Station then take a look here.

One of our Halloween Gonks alongside our Heart Snacking Station

So hopefully you have some inspiration for Halloween Decorations

I hope that this have given you some inspiration and good ideas for your Halloween decorations. Take a look at our Autumn Decorations section on our website for more ideas click here

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