Top 5 Picks From My Autumn Homeware Collection

Top 5 Picks From My Autumn Homeware Collection

Looking for some gorgeous additions to your Autumn Homeware?

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year! Not only have you got the classic Autumn landscapes, knitted warm clothes and pumpkin spiced lattes, you’ve also got an opportunity to get your house decorated with some stunning Autumn homeware.

So, if you haven’t got your autumn decor going yet, here’s my top 5 favourite products from my Autumn Homeware collection.

1. Large Rattan Light Up Pumpkin

My first favourite from my Autumn Homeware Collection are these beautiful Rattan Light Up Pumpkins - how cute are they?! These high-quality rattan pumpkins are the perfect addition to your Autumn homeware as they help give your space a warm and cosy feeling on these chilly Autumn evenings. 

Pumpkin Table Runner

2. Autumn Candle Holder

My second choice is this lovely and colourful Autumn Candle Holder, perfect for holding little tea candles on your mantle or dining table. The mini glass vase is encompassed by Autumn-coloured leaves, pine cones and acorns to bring a bit of that Autumn scenery into your home - just without the freezing cold wind!

 Autumn Candle Holder

3. Autumn Knitted Pumpkin

The next of my top picks are these ADORABLE Autumn Knitted Pumpkins, available in three different colours: sage green, cream and rust. These lovely pumpkins are beautifully knitted, topped off with fuzzy felt leaves and a cute little stalk. They’re perfect for sprucing up your sofas this Autumn.

Autumn Knitted Pumpkin

4. Pumpkin Table Runner

My fourth favourite from my Autumn homeware collection just HAS to be this Pumpkin Table Runner, I mean… just look at it! This fabulous table runner is perfect for your Autumnal Tablescape, whether it’s for a family meal or a Halloween party, this is a great addition to spruce up your decor. The Pumpkin Table Runner is filled with miniature orange, black and cream pumpkins with different designs and can be beautifully styled with any of these top picks. 

Pumpkin Table Runner

5. Autumn Gonk

Oh… my… GONK! This Autumn Gonk is so adorable. With a beautifully knitted orange hat and gloves, this little gonk is the perfect addition to your Autumn homeware and can be styled with anything! Whether you let him relax along the Pumpkin Table Runner or warm up by one of my Rattan Light Up Pumpkins, or maybe even with one of my stunning Heart Shaped Snacking Stations, this Autumn Gonk is the perfect piece to top off your Autumn homeware and bring it all together. 

Autumn Gonk

Any of these from my Autumn Homeware Collection get your spooky senses tingling?

If so, why not go ahead and add them to your decor this Autumn? They’re selling out fast! Just click on any of the links in this blog and it will take you straight to the product page. Or, if you’d like to take a look through the rest of my Autumn Homeware Collection, you can do so here.

For any information or enquiries, please email and I will get back to you.

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